2013_ Freilichtmuseum. Germany. SELECTED
2013_ Building of social apartments. Barcelona. SECOND PRIZE
2013_ Building of social apartments. Cottbus. Germany. FINALIST
2013_ Urban planning. Rostock. Germany. SELECTED
2013_ Hotel Park and Seeallee. Heiden. Switzerland. SELECTED
2011_ Building of 63 social apartments. Sant Joan Despi. SELECTED
2011_ Multicultural equipment in Sant Feliu. SELECTED
2010_ Library in Caldes de Malavella. SELECTED
2008_ Equipment. Sant Boi. MENTION
2008_ Building of social apartments. Terrassa. SELECTED
2007_ Expansion Primary Care Center of Ciutat Meridiana. Barcelona. SECOND PRIZE
2007_ Buildiing of 48 apartments. San Gregori. SECOND PRIZE
2006_ Building of 68 social apartments. Sant Boi. FIRST PRIZE
2006_ Reform and rehabilitation Primary Care Center. Santa Coloma de Queralt. FIRST PRIZE
2006_ Building of 41 social apartments. Manlleu. FIRST PRIZE
2005_ Morgue and cemetery of la Seu d'Urgell. SELECTED
2005_ Building of 90 social apartments. Teià. SELECTED
2004_ Building of 40 social apartments. Granollers. FIRST PRIZE
2004_ Adaptation Monastery of Monfero in spa-hotel. SELECTED
2003_ CAP in Alcanar. SELECTED
2002_ Building of 30 social apartments. Manlleu. FIRST PRIZE
2002_ Adaptation Monastery of Melon in spa-hotel. SELECTED
2002_ Building of 80 social apartments. Sant Boi. SELECTED
2002_ Adaptation del Edificio de La Lactancia in Balneario de Valencia. FIRST PRIZE
2002_ Thalassotherapy Center of San Pedro del Pinatar. Murcia. SELECTED
2001_ 90 homes for seniors. Barcelona. SELECTED
2000_ Building of 80 social apartments. en Caldas de Reis. FIRST PRIZE
2000_ Adaptation industry Sanson in children's equipment. San Just. FIRST PRIZE
1999_ Building of 15 social apartments. Can Modolell. Sant Just Desvern. FIRST PRIZE
1998_ Building of 103 social apartments. Diagonal-Poble Nou. Barcelona. FIRST PRIZE
1996_ Building of 60 apartments Illa Walden. Sant Just Desvern. FIRST PRIZE
1989_ Special protection plan of Santuario de Meritxell. Andorra. FIRST PRIZE
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